Marlin Mastering/Recording Studio


10 inch Maria

Love Machine

Gospel According To Austin

Gospel Silver Tones

Louisiana Purchase

Star of Texas Credit Union

Capitol Credit union

Roger Bisley Kia

Paragon Casino

100s of cover band demos !Names change

Winston Churchhill The Band LOL

Perris Records

Every Mothers Nightmare


Acid Face

Phil Fisher

Mickey Priddy and the priddy boys

Johnny Colvin

Little Joe

Rubin Ramos

Mark Hale

Kelly Pearson

Buddy Miles

Blue Cheer

The Fabs


Skinny Don Keeling

Waylon Payne

A+Credit union

Stetson Walker

Kenny Wier

Claiming Neptune

Dean Seltzer and the Red Neck Mothers

White Stone Band

White Stone Band


Mike Murphy

Dianna &Tony; Bray

Victory over me

Perry Wing Band


Rubber Crutch

Mark Bish

Gourisankar & Pandit Ramesh Misra

Stone Foxes

Danny Austin


Chase Cundiff

Eric Lindberg

Malford Milligan Band

Kelly Doze

Rythm Dawgs

Rude Rachel

Tommy Hancock

Billy Young and Tommy Robertson

Greg Forest

Gary Wimmer

many more since July 20th1991

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