Marlin Mastering/Recording Studio

Studio Rates

Studio Rates

Recording/Mixing Rates $40.00 per Hr. Mastering $45.00 per Hr.

Payment in full after all sessions .
payment: Cash , check, Credit Card.
 Deposits are required on all recording dates
Project Prices/Block rates, are available
Please Allow 72 hrs. on all studio cancellations . Fees will apply

What the hell is Mastering ????

Audio mastering is the last step in the recording process. The order usually goes pre production, recording of basic tracks, editing, overdubs, editing, mixing, then mastering. Mastering is the process of making your mixed tracks sound like they belong in the same album. The first thing we will do is listen to the tracks. Set volume level, adjust EQ/compression/limiting. We will also look at the sample rate and the bit depth, one of the major components of professional mastering is the quality of the audio to digital and digital to audio converters. So the sample rate and bit depth help shape the sound of your finished album. Then we will look at sequencing . That would mean putting them in the correct order that the artist or band would like them in. While doing that we will listen to the beginning and the end of the tracks. And decide what kind of fades might work best. If the track ends go on and on the engineer might place a long fade on the back end of that track so it will just slowly get softer in volume. After the fades we will place the proper space between each track, the standard is around 2 or 3 seconds between each track. We will then listen through each track and adjust the volume of each track to make sure that the tracks are about the same level. The crucial and creative part of audio mastering, is next. This step is when we uses Equalizers/Compressors, Limiters, and other tools to help shape frequencies and amplitude, along with adjusting phase and stereo width. The last steps include adding dither and making sure the AD or DA conversion is happening properly to create the best sound quality for your finished album. This is very important part of the process that can be overlooked by amateur engineers or home studio equipment. I hope that this helps you understand the process of audio mastering a little better. If you are a songwriter or a band making an album, Consider our affordable Mastering service .