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Hi Mark Thank you !Thank You! The Mastering Job On My CD was just Great!!! OLE KW aka Kenny Wier

Austin to Boston studio is simply the best!

Mark Donovan has a fascinating and rich history as a performer and studio specialist.

Mark  is definitely an expert  in the business ,he is also very patient and kind ,while taking care of business

and he is alot of fun to hang out with during the recording /mastering processes!

Need a truly great recording studio?

Mark Donovan with Austin To Boston is Highly recommended!  Charlie McCormick Round Rock TX.


Thanks for the laughter and fun! Most of all an Awesome Job on our demo !Whitestone Band .

Hey there Mark - hope your week is going well. 

I just heard the Stetson Walker mastered tracks - they sound great!!   Thanks for all you did for these.  Craig Stluka 

(Drummer Stetson Walker)

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Dec 16
Any of my musician friends need demos, mastering, rehearsal space etc....visit Mark & Ethan at these guys are awesome!!
Mark Donovan has a kick-ass studio setup and is one of the coolest dudes to work with! I highly recommend taking any upcoming session projects you may have to him; he knows his stuff! Thanks for taking me aboard, brother! Stetson Walker

"Hi Guys

Our Tracks Sound Gorgeous! It's why I came to you for this, just awesome"

  • We love working with Mark at Austin to Boston!  The prices are very reasonable, the hours are flexible, and they work with the highest amount of integrity.  Mark is friendly and professional with recording and mastering, he listens to what you want and will go out of his way to make it happen.  Mark recorded, mixed and mastered our band's first EP, and we are extremely happy with the quality!  Our band uses his practice rooms weekly, and we call the studio our "second home" because we are so comfortable there.  It's a perfect environment for music, from rehearsing to recording, in a secure location that is pretty central to our group.  Thank you, Mark and Austin to Boston!

"Austin to Boston is the place to go if you are a serious musician who wants to record at a world class studio. It also comes at an affordable price that is well worth the final product. That's hard to find these days." Danny Austin

"Thanks To Austin To Boston! You're the sh#*!" Tommy Kal

Rubber Crutch a rockin little band from Pa.

"These sessions are not only productive, but they're a blast. No pressure or stress, just a damn good time. You have a great set up there ,that's why we came back and that's why we'll be back."

Johnny Colvin
Guitarist/Vocalist - Delta Ryde

"Austin To Boston is a full service studio. They know how to get great recordings!!
I've recorded many Perris Records CDs there."

Tom Mathers
Pesident - Perris Records

"When we were shopping studios for our second album, we were pretty sure that we had found the right place after talking for 5 minutes on the phone.  When we met with him and saw the studios, we were hooked.They took the time to listen to our music and our goals, and outlined a plan that fit our budget.  Most of the other studios we called told us how much we needed to spend before they heard one note of our music."

"In the end, we feel like we got a great product that sounds like us.  We'll be back"

Ken Carver
The Rhythm Dawgs

"Working @ Austin To Boston was great!  We felt completely at ease and not stressed in any way. He worked his butt off and the result was our cd- full, finished and marketable."

"He is thorough and direct, and he knows how to get the best sound out of people. He had great ideas about our music and really listened to our vision of the project. It was a joy to work with him and we are looking forward to projects with him in the future! He's a master at his craft-and if he takes your project on-know that you're going to get a top quality product."

"Do yourself a favor and choose Austin to wont regret it!"

10 Inch Maria

"We would like to thank you for the great job you did recording our new cd. Your professionalism and knowledge of music helped to create a wonderful sound ,and a joyous experience at your studio.

Thanks for making us feel at home .We are brothers in music forever ."

Warren, Vernon, Jeff, Brian (AKA B.F.B) Scott, Mark.
The Gospel Silvertones - Austin TX.

"The Fabs would like to thank , Austin To Boston Studios for a superb recording experience. These guys have given a 110% recording effort including great production advice. It's an asset to have them on our team and we can't wait to get the finished product in our hands.

This is only the beginning of a great business relationship!"

"I'm starting to get some of my junk mixed down and have let some folks listen to it and I keep hearing the same thing... 'Wow those drums are killer', 'Dude those drums are F'n huge' ...all I can say is thanks."

Hope everything is going groovy.

Stephen James

"Thanks for all your work on the recent Love Machine demo. I'm happy to say that I'm getting good feedback from both the rest of the band, and the people we're pitching it to. Obviously, a good finished product is the most important thing, but it certainly doesn't hurt that the recording process itself was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. I appreciate both your technical expertise, and your generosity with your time."

Rob Roeder
The Love Machine

"Everyone in Austin knows that if you kick a can a band falls out of it.
Well, the same thing could be said of recording studios. Austin to Boston
Studio offers so much more. From their awesome (and comfortable) studio
set-up to their on-stage and recording musical experience to their
patience and sense of humor to their "killer" finished product. Austin to
Boston Studio is the only place RiverStone Band will record!! "

Thanks ... your awesome!!!!

The Riverstone Band

"Dirt Leg Barrio has just finished the recording process at Austin To Boston on a three song EP. The band would like to sincerely thank Austin To Boston Studio for an awesome job, not to mention their patience and time. You guys are great & we cannot wait to work with you again in the near future."

- D.L.B.

"Thanks guys for the good work on our Demo, sounds great!!"

- Charlie & Casey / Rude Rachel

"Austin to Boston is a fantastic place,.. you get a real pro with Mac, he has the awesome and rare lost art of 70s analogue recording knowledge, and there ant' no plug in for that! He is a great guy too..."

"When you hire a studio/engineer, you expect that they will have good equipment. Austin to Boston does. You expect that they know how to run it efficiently. The engineers at Austin to Boston do.

What Austin to Boston has that is very rare is the combination of good ears and excellent personalities that make what can be a very stressful time into one of absolute comfort and as a result more gets done, it sounds better and it happens more quickly.

I recommend Austin to Boston wholeheartedly. "

Eric Lindberg
Solo Artist

"Thanks Guys for the professional recordings. had a great time. can't wait till i get to do it again."

Mark Philips/Singer/Songwriter  S.A. TX.

"Hey guys,

Thanks a ton for an awesome record and a legit experience!! Yall do a great job and make it a blast at the same time! Keep it real boys Im gonna miss the Chinese Food!!"

-Chase Cundiff

"Guys! great to hear from you. things are goin good here in stephenville. everyone loves the recordings, i cant thank you guys enough!!! anyway, see you guys around."

"The whole Demo is awesome! It's a totally new experience to actually hear
yourself on a cd. You did a great job man, thanks for everything. "

-Dusty Lane

"I just wanted to let you know that my Mom was so thrilled to get a copy of her Janet Brace CD! I just want to thank you for your careful work and kind attitude. It was a real pleasure to work with you. Take care." Sam DelleFave  

Carlos Sanchez posted on Austin To Boston's Wall. "Awesome Recording and great place to rehearse!!"

Richard Boyd

Dude!!!! Again!!!! You Rock!!!! I knew you could do it!!! I recommend this studio for anyone who needs help to make thier cd or just needs a place to all out Jam, within reason, come on. lol

your the best!!! So honored to have played in your studio for a second time in the crossroads of life.

 "Hi! it's good to hear you are still available. Although we never got to complete my project a few years back, I must tell you how I appreciated your work and it helped me as a musician. I wish you had a referral link I could post my compliments on I would freely do so. I think you are a super guy to work with and as knowledgeable as anyone I've have experienced in the business. Hope to work with you soon. I just recently moved back to Austin from Nebraska and look forward to putting some music together. Thanks again, I be in touch..."

 "Mark you're a good guy, always cordial,friendly,ready to help in any way you can and you've got a great setup there. We enjoy coming there every Wednesday." Whit,Dennis,Josh and David. 

"Hey! You're one bad a@# dude! Just stop F$%king up all the time!! I used it first! We always have a great time at your studio- looking forward to many hours there- glad to say I had you on my side during the making of- Thanks man"

 "Your are the greatest! Steph's song sounds amazing and thank you so much for helping her with the exposure that she deserves! Love you Guys!" -Amy

"Thanks again for an incredible recording experience this afternoon -

I had a lot of fun and I'm so glad I stumbled upon your studio's

website. Also, thank you for your patience and generosity, and for

your advice about microphones... Thanks again, Anne-Marie Harrison" 

  • 8/11/2015

  • I have been going to this studio for close to 2 years now. Our band utilizes the facility for both rehearsal and studio time and always feel at home. Mark (owner) always makes us feel comfortable when recording and really gives you your moneys worth. I've been to other studios and have never been treated as good as I have here. I would and have recommended this studio to other musicians. A well deserved 5 star rating in my book. 
    Derrick  ( Claiming Neptune)


  • 8/10/2015

    This studio is the best in the Austin area. Recorded both my albums here. Great sound, and the owner Mark is not only a really nice guy, but a great producer and drummer. He stays with your idea and caters to you as the artist and your vision, which is rare for producers. I wouldn't go anywhere else. If you're looking for the best studio in the Austin area, this is it. Trust me. Danny Austin .Singer /GTR /Song writer

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